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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

StarKnight Productions

So for the past year or so, I've been pretty quiet on the online front. I haven't posted a whole lot, and there haven't been any new public productions with the same ambition as titles like Silent Universe or Red Monday. In fact, the websites for both of those have fallen into a state of disrepair as I take some time off to reconsider my online strategy. We'll call it an extended hiatus. :)

However, this site is (hopefully) a sign of things changing. First, I don't have any plans to bring back Silent Universe or Red Monday in any sequel forms--but I do think these two projects deserve to have a home on the internet where people can listen to and enjoy them for free. So keep your eyes (and ears) open for updates on those. Second, I'm kind-of over the whole "podcast" and "audio drama" thing. I'd been experimenting with the medium since before podcasting was even a word, and what I've learned is--besides the fact that they can be a refreshing medium for dramatic storytelling--getting people to tune into the idea of an "audio-only" story can be difficult. It's VERY hard to sell in a world dominated by visuals and moving pictures. Not to say it can't be done--it can be, and has been done well--but that's not necessarily the path I want to pursue anymore. It was fun while it lasted.

So, where does that leave us? Well, I'm a writer heart--I've been in love with narrative writing since I was a child--you may see more things in written form from StarKnight Productions in the future. I've been fascinated with comics and manga for awhile as well--producing a comic (either regular or semi-animated) has been on my list of things I'd like to do for a long time. If anyone knows any talented artists, please feel free to send them my way: :)

But a lot of my time lately has been taken up with scriptwriting -- screenplays. Despite the limits of the storytelling platform, I find scripts fun to write and fun to read--they force you to get to the point and tell the story quickly. Long bouts of exposition or internal monologue have to fall away in favor of telling a story that grabs you, excites you and keeps you turning pages (unlike this blog). The best narrative writers know how to do this in book form, but scriptwriting really forces you to tighten things up--that's why I like it. I hope if/when I return to more narrative writing, the lessons that I've learned in screenwriting will help enhance my stories.

So yeah, that's about it. Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks and months. I have a creative itch and I need to scratch it, that's what keeps me coming back to creating stuff for the web :)